For Children

We work to understand your child’s challenges in the context of his or her developmental historyindividual differences (temperament, sensitivities, etc.) and close relationships (parents’ own skills, stressors and personalities, as well as school or childcare relationships). After an initial phone consultation, we usually recommend scheduling 2-3 assessment sessions where we will talk with you, and play with and observe your child. We may also recommend an on-site observation of your child in his or her daycare or preschool setting. We’ll then work with you to create a plan for addressing your concerns and supporting your child’s development. This is a collaborative process; after all, no one knows your child as well as you do.

Depending upon your concerns and your child’s age, we may recommend working with you and your infant or child together, or offer individual child play therapy, along with separate parent support and consultation sessions. Parents often ask how long we will work together: the number of sessions will depend on the nature of your concerns and goals.

For Caregivers

In some circumstances, working with parents or caregivers without the child present can be helpful. This gives parents the opportunity to talk openly about what’s on their mind, and can be an effective way to problem-solve and receive parent coaching.

Making the transition to becoming a parent can be challenging, rewarding, and confusing. We are also available to help expectant parents through this life-changing transition.