How to refer 

We encourage families or caregivers to contact us directly to initiate services or so we can answer any specific questions.  

You can direct families to Cooper House by asking them to:

  • call our referral number: (206) 402-3168. En español: (206) 402-3972
  • fill out the information on our Contact page
  • email us at

Providers can also use this referral form.

For Fussy Baby services, families or caregivers should call (206) 906-9622 (En Español, (206) 402-3972), or email

What should I say to the parent or guardian about your services?

You can let parents know that, because very young children don’t have mature language skills, they can’t tell us directly what the problem is. In fact, they only have a handful of behaviors they can use to communicate (crying, hitting, withdrawing, etc.), so it can take some time to figure out what is going on. We work to understand the particular child and his or her challenges through the lens of early development, individual differences (specific to the child) and close relationships (parents’ own skills, stressors and personalities; school or childcare environment, etc.). Understanding how all these factors interact is beyond what is usually possible in the medical setting. Our clinicians look forward to collaborating with families' care providers, given permission.