Professional Consultation

Cooper House staff provides consultation to colleagues in a variety of settings:

  • consultation to childcare providers on issues of early emotional development focused on a single child or an entire class
  • consultation to adult mental health providers working with clients
    who are parenting young children
  • reflective practice consultation and supervision to providers who
    want to build their skills in the area of infant and early childhood
    mental health. This can be provided to individuals or in a group
  • customized trainings (which are MERIT-credit eligible) about
    social-emotional development, atypical development, and responsive approaches for staff development and/or professional learning communities
  • presentations to parent groups or similar settings on early social-emotional development or about the new identity of parent/caregiver 

To learn more about our consultation services, please email Jane Hinton.

If you work with children from birth to 5 years, and are interested in Washington State’s new Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health endorsement process, please visit the Washington Association for Infant Mental Health. Cooper House is pleased to support this endeavor alongside IECMH professionals.

It was such a treat to have you speak to our PEPS Group. I am truly awed by all of your baby knowledge and the extremely gentle, tactful way that you shared it with the group.
— PEPS Facilitator Carey Schwaber Armstrong, about Cooper House clinician, Emily A. Anderson