I appreciated how my home visitor made observations of my baby and the ways I was interacting with
my baby. Sometimes she helped me see things that I did not have the time to notice or could not see.
— Smooth Way Home parent

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Smooth Way Home is our home visiting service for families who are transitioning home from a NICU stay with their newborn.

You did not plan to spend the first weeks or months in a NICU after your baby was born and like many parents, you may have big feelings about the experience.  It can feel joyful and yet overwhelming to leave the support of the hospital.  To create a Smooth Way Home™, Cooper House provides 6-8 visits with a home visitor with expertise in the transition home from the NICU, who will help you:

  • Feel good about the relationship you are developing with your baby

  • Address any feelings of stress or worry about caring for your baby at home

  • Feel confident reading your baby’s cues

  • Make connections to community resources

Visits may start in the NICU or soon after you come home.

Parents:  call (206) 410-3168 to request a home visit. 

Professionals: Call (206) 410-3168 or fax Referral Form to (206) 329-1256

This program is inspired by the work of Southwest Human Development in Arizona.  We appreciate the generosity and support of Dr. Trudi Murch and other staff who have shared their expertise with us.