Parents want the best for their young children but sometimes problems creep into the picture and make the first few years of the child’s life more difficult than they need to be.

We can help when parents or caregivers are worried about a child’s:

  • aggressive behavior
  • sad or withdrawn behavior
  • sleeping or eating issues
  • fussiness
  • difficulty communicating their needs and preferences
  • difficulty getting along with other children or with adults

  And we can help when parents may be:

  • uncertain about what’s normal or what to expect
  • feeling overwhelmed, depressed or isolated
  • struggling with memories of a difficult childhood
  • dealing with stresses that make it hard to focus on parenting
As a pediatrician, I find it encouraging to know that there are resources like Cooper House and the Fussy Baby Network in King County. The skills and unique expertise of the practitioners at Cooper House contribute to the overall health and well-being of both young children and their families.
— Dr. James Metz, Seattle Children's Hospital